Gamers spend money on FIFA 18?

Blake Jorgensen talks about the expenses of the players. More than 30% of Ultimate Team users invest money in it.

Microtransactions are today one of the most common topics when discussing the success and policies of a degree in the videogame industry, and to get a little more perspective on how users respond to it, Blake Jorgensen, one of the top representatives of EA Sports, has spoken about Ultimate Team.

As indicated in an interview, approximately 75% of users who acquire an EA Sports brand title (whether FIFA, Madden or others) regularly uses the Ultimate Team game mode, in which players can create their own own sets of professionals, which appear in the form of collectible cards.

In turn, Mr. Jorgensen points out that of all these Ultimate Team players, around 35% invest money in that same way. Remember that the usual use of this is to get players of a higher quality in order to increase the performance of the team, thus facilitating the ability to perform at a better level in a simpler way.

Although the proportion of players may not seem too considerable, it is necessary to bear in mind that at least the FIFA series ends up being annually one of the best sold worldwide, so a section too high in percentages can actually contain a very large number of players that constantly feed the EA Sports economy.

Blake Jorgensen explains that they always try to offer players what they seem to enjoy in a special way, and there is no doubt that Ultimate Team is one of the most successful game modes we currently find in the industry. In addition, it does not seem that this type of expense should be something seen negatively, it serves to entertain players for hundreds of hours for a price that, comparing it with the cost of going to the movies, ends up being very profitable.

Finally, note that the system of micropayments of Ultimate Team offers a variable very close to what we nowadays know as loot boxes, but in the form of envelopes. These have been one of the main topics of discussion in recent weeks, but after the words of Blake Jorgensen does not seem that EA Sports consider eliminating their use. To have more fifa 18 coins in game are very important, as it can help you to have better players and then to build the stronger team. We suggest you to find the legit place to buy if you do not want to farm yourself.