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It is all about your love

It is all about your love

Being happy in a relationship is your own responsibility. If you are not happy, you have to express yourself. Your partner can’t know a lot of things and you can make him feel something by disruptive behavior. By expressing yourself verbally you prevent the message from not coming across clearly which leads to miscommunication. Then you are angry or irritated and your partner does not understand why. Do it Yourself couples therapy it the newest trend to solve your issues.

In 82% of divorces, poor communication is at the root of all problems. By not communicating, seemingly minor issues become the infamous straw that breaks the camel’s back. When you think afterwards why did we break up, it’s not that one fact, but one on one piling up of facts.

When couples try again later, they soon run into the old problems, or rather patterns. It is these patterns that need to be recognized, acknowledged and broken through. Only then does it make sense to continue the relationship. And that is what you learn with YOUR LOVE’s at home couples therapy.

Your Love’s therapy is set up in such a way that you can work through the therapy completely on your own, learning a great deal about yourself, your partner and as you in a relationship. If you still have questions, you may always ask experienced relationship therapists.

It is very important that both partners follow the relationship therapy, because you both look at your relationship. In 13 steps you will make clear to yourself and your partner what the points for improvement are. And if you then decide to continue together, then it is clear to both partners where the shoe pinches. Of course you will get tools to be able to work on the points of improvement in order to grow into an intimate loving relationship.