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Are you a Dutch food lover living abroad? We got great news for you!

Are you a Dutch food lover living abroad? We got great news for you! 

Living in a different culture than you are used to is extremely instructive. You get to know a different language, a new culture, new customs and habits and you meet all kinds of different people. You may even make lifelong friendships and the memories you make of your time abroad are wonderful. The only thing that can be difficult when living abroad as a Dutch person is that you have to miss the delicious Dutch delicacies. Typical Dutch biscuits or snacks are often unknown abroad and therefore nowhere to be found. Even if you are a fan of Dutch food without being from the Netherlands, this can be a setback. Fortunately, there is now a solution! 

Dutch brands abroad 

Dutch products are known for their good quality and especially their rich flavors. For both sweet tooth and savoury snack fans, Holland is the perfect country to eat well. The kitchen is very diverse because of the many different cultures that can be found in the Netherlands. Throughout the centuries, entire generations from other environments have moved to the Netherlands, making the Dutch cuisine a mix of many different cultures. Yet there are also a number of things that are truly typically Dutch. Think, for example, of Mora croquettes, autodrop candies, Jumbo house brand biscuits or Douwe Egberts coffee. All these typically Dutch brands cannot be found abroad. 

Ordering your favorite Dutch products online

With the Dutch Expat Shop, you can easily change this nowadays. This online shop has a gigantic offer of Dutch and Belgian brands, so you never have to stay abroad without your favorite Dutch brands. You can easily order a jar of Calvé peanut butter, Sportlife bubblegum, bottle of Heineken or bitterballen. Whatever you need, the Dutch Expat Shop has it. With this shop’s delivery service, you can get your favorite products anywhere in the world.