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Become a Sunny child

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Where do all our personal problems, attitudes, character traits and thinking come from? Stefan Stahl, a German psychotherapist and author of the world bestselling book The Child in You Must Find a Home, believes that most of the problems we face in adulthood come from childhood. And Stephanie has her own strategy to help her understand these problems and start living a fulfilling and happy life.

To all his patients and readers, Stahl invites first to accept and understand his inner Shadow Child. The gloomy child is all your difficulties and unresolved problems from childhood. The gloomy child forms all those negative character traits that we suffer from. Moreover, most of the people do not even notice them behind them, which is the most regrettable of all.

When we have dealt with our Shadow child, we need to awaken the Sun child in ourselves. A sunny child accepts all aspects of life and finds positive moments in everything that happens to him.

Stephanie Stahl in her book examines in detail the methods of identifying and accepting your Shadow child and discovering the Solar in yourself. We’ll focus on a few strategies to help you accept yourself and be successful in life:

  1. Be honest with yourself. Accepting yourself means agreeing with your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Accept reality with joy. Countering fears takes a lot more energy than accepting them. The same applies to other negative feelings.
  3. Train to be in a good mood. Consider the enjoyment and joy of life as your responsibility.
  4. Praise your neighbor as yourself. We all strive for recognition. Therefore, instead of passively waiting for us to receive it, start giving it actively and free of charge.
  5. Good – already good! Don’t strive for the ideal. There are so many more worthwhile things in this world than being perfect, such as the decision to do decent and enjoy life.

And, finally, remember, you are what you are, and this is all that you are, and you are good for just that!

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