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Hip, hot and happening: online headshops

Headshops are the ultimate solution and place to buy products which can be used to help when enjoying narcotics or tranquilizers. However, before we are spreading any rumors: a headshop does not provide psychoactive substances. Products you do can find within the assortment of a headshop are; grinders; bongs and waterpipes; books about the substances or even souvenirs and gadgets related to narcotics. Thus, when looking for some helpful products that might come in handy during a relaxing (- or spacing) evening with your friends, you should definitely visit a headshop. A headshop high on the list of becoming the best online headshop in Europe, is 24high. They sell all kinds of products which are all tested independently. 


Headshops’ history

The arise of headshops came along during the sixties, within cities with a high student population. The shops with helpful products were originally established as an extension of independent poster or candle shops. As the story goes, the first headshop was located in San Francisco, California. The by hearsay first headshop in the world, was established and run by an US Army veteran, named Ron Thelin, together with his younger brother. Unfortunately, it is still not known where the term ‘headshop’ is derived from. Some say it is from the saying ‘’get your head right’’; others claim that it is an abbreviation of ‘’He Eats Acid Daily’’. Although the origin of the term is unknown, it can be stated that the word found its way into the slang of our lifestyle nowadays.

Where the first headshops were located as physic stores; they recently have increasingly given their way to the online version of the shop. Nowadays, it is rather convenient to order your products online; the order will be delivered discreetly and thereby, with a few days your new equipment will be delivered. An online store that keeps up well with this trend, is They have a wide range of all kinds of products and your order will be shipped securely and discreetly. You should definitely have a look at their website when looking for the best (and tested) products from a headshop!