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Laser Epilation Amsterdam

Laser epilation in Amsterdam by Sensitif is a safe, efficient, and most importantly permanent method of hair removal.

About laser epilation

It consists in using a beam of red light that is specifically attuned to capture the melanin in the skin. The melanin then guides the red light to reach the root germ cells that are responsible for hair growth, where it then atrophies them. Only the hair follicles in the growth phase are eliminated, and with our laser epilation in Amsterdam service you are assured the safest and most effective techniques making use of the latest equipment. Various laser hair removal sessions will be necessary -with a rest period between each one- in order to progressively reduce the number of active hair follicles until the entire section is entirely and permanently hairless.

Advantages of Laser Epilation in Amsterdam

  • Permanent hair removal is achieved in a relatively short period of time.
  • The quality of the skin improves, specifically its elasticity and softness, given that this process does not involve any of the shock or strain that other traditional hair removal techniques do.
  • There is far less risk of developing skin conditions such as folliculitis, sebaceuos cysts, or infections.

To find out more about laser epilation in Amsterdam, get in touch with Sensitif, the best information officer in laser hair removal!