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Our modern traffic management world

We live in a modern world right now. Almost everything has a modern equivalent, from computers to phones to tables and fridges, every single thing has been modernized and updated. Our lives has become easier because of those upgrades because the purpose of those upgrades is to make our lives as humans more and more convenient. Every part of our lives has been upgraded to be more modern and technological advanced, and that includes traffic management.


Traffic management has been greatly improved over the years thanks to technology. In this blog post, we compiled a short list of some of the technological systems that have modernized traffic management today. And who knows, they can be what shape the advancements in the future.


The Long Range RFID

To have good controlled access in gated and/or restricted locations is not an easy task for one or two security guards. Many things can go wrong as we are all humans and we make mistakes sometimes. But there are some aspects of certain jobs where mistakes can be detrimental. Long range RFID has been created as a solution to this issue. Gated communities is a great example to point out, it is a restricted area where whoever comes in and out needs to be controlled. With the long range RFID access control and security in general can be improved greatly.


Live Traffic Feeds

In the United States, they have implemented the use of live traffic feeds in a few cities alread. The live traffic feeds use sensors that are placed in precise and relevant locations to show the live feed properly. The sensors show routes that public transportation normally takes as well as the roads that are typically most used. These useful live traffic feeds can be seen virtually by anyone who is interested in what the traffic is like at the moment. It is valuable because if there is an accident or bad weather, people can plan their day around that.


Vehicle to infrastructure

Vehicle to infrastructure, or V2I, is a technological system aiding in assisting different vehicles communicate data. To be able to do this, the technological system uses traffic controls. This helps people to get data about what is gong on that day in traffic.