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Blog Introduction: Whether you are a student, a working professional, or a creative mind, having a good setup is essential for productivity and performance. And when it comes to setting up your work or creativity station, having the right bags and cases can make a world of difference. From protecting your devices and accessories to keeping them within easy reach, bags and cases serve as the cornerstone of your setup. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best ones? In this blog post, we’ll share with you the best bags and cases that will enhance your setup for 2023.

1. Backpacks:

A backpack is a versatile and practical choice for transporting your devices and accessories. When selecting a backpack, look for one that has a padded compartment for your laptop or tablet, as well as various pockets for your smartphone, charger, headphones, and other items. Some backpacks have additional features, such as waterproofing, anti-theft protection, and ergonomic shoulder straps. Our top picks for backpacks in 2023 are the Herschel Little America and the North Face Borealis.

2. Briefcases:

If you need to make a professional impression, a briefcase is a classic and stylish choice. Nowadays, there are many modern and functional briefcases that cater to the needs of tech-savvy professionals. Look for a briefcase that has a dedicated laptop compartment, as well as multiple compartments for your documents, pens, business cards, and other essentials. Some briefcases also have built-in charging ports and RFID protection. Our top picks for briefcases in 2023 are the Saddleback Leather Co. Classic Briefcase and the Kenneth Cole Reaction Show Business.

3. Sleeves:

A sleeve is a minimalistic and lightweight option for protecting your laptop or tablet from scratches and bumps. You can use a sleeve in conjunction with a backpack or a briefcase, or carry it by itself as a standalone accessory. When choosing a sleeve, make sure it fits your device snugly and has a soft interior lining that won’t scratch your screen. Some sleeves also have external pockets for your charger and other accessories. Our top picks for sleeves in 2023 are the Incase Icon Sleeve and the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve.

4. Organizers:

An organizer is an indispensable tool for keeping your cables, chargers, and other small items tidy and accessible. You can use an organizer at home, at the office, or on the go to declutter your desk, bag, or suitcase. When selecting an organizer, look for one that has multiple compartments, elastic loops, and zippered pockets that can accommodate various sizes and shapes of items. Some organizers also have water-repellent or anti-static properties. Our top picks for organizers in 2023 are the Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer and the Skooba Cable Stable DLX.

5. Cases:

A case is a must-have accessory for protecting your smartphone, tablet, or other devices from scratches, drops, and spills. There are countless types of cases available, ranging from slim and simple to rugged and waterproof. When choosing a case, consider your lifestyle and usage habits, as well as the level of protection you need. Some cases also have additional features, such as kickstands, card holders, and wireless charging. Our top picks for cases in 2023 are the Otterbox Commuter Series and the Spigen Tough Armor.