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The best online couples therapy is about Your Love


The Covid period has highlighted many things and the need for the best online couples therapy is one of them. Together with your partner in lockdown and 24 hours a day with each other in one environment. The things in the relationship that irritate you only get worse because they are often not talked about. Communication is one of the most important success factors for loving intimate relationship. Because it was not possible to speak to a couples therhapist, couples increasingly began to look for online options. This explains the success of EFT-based couples therapy which you can complete in 13 steps, without the need for a couples therapist to be involved in the progress.


That couples counseling does not have to be expensive proves Your Love the organization that developed the therapy. The methodology is based on EFT, anthroposophical and consciousness insights. The goal is to recognize and acknowledge patterns and then break through them. All the elements together ensure that you as a person are happier in life, because you have happiness in your own hands. After the method was tested in the Netherlands, it was rolled out in Belgium, the USA, Canada and Australia. With this method it is possible to follow the therapy without your partner having to work on it. In the first instance you will work on yourself in order to build your relationship. At the end of the 13 steps you will talk to your partner in a respectful way. You put everything on the table that bothers you to finally ask the confronting question: “Is there still feeling?”

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The outcome is not determined in advance, with 5 possibilities. Yes, implies that the partners are going to address the areas of improvement together. If one or both partners have doubts, a relationship time-out is a great way to feel if there is still feeling. And if there is no feeling in one or both of the partners, then you can break up in a respectful way. This does not say that therapy has failed. You learn a lot about yourself to not make the same mistakes again in a new relationship.


Your Love’s methodology is nominated for the best online marriage counseling. Other will say about the therapy it is how to solve relationship problems or just the affordable online relationship counseling.